A vision for a digital New Zealand

The Innovation Partnership is a network of organisations that support digital innovation in New Zealand across business, education and government.

The Partnership connects industry, government and not-for-profits, commissions research into important issues, and supports and promotes innovative digital projects.

Our people

Dr Amanda Lynn, PhD – Executive Director, Forum Chair

Dr Amanda Lynn is an economic and corporate anthropologist specialising in the development of organisations, industries and regional economies. A former top exporter, Amanda has worked in business, entrepreneurship and technology development for more than 20 years. Over the past ten years Amanda has undertaken executive roles with Victoria University of Wellington and BERL Economics before starting Mandolin Associates. Mandolin Associates supports industry organisations, regional councils and businesses to define and achieve their development goals. Amanda is the Executive Director of the Innovation Partnership, and chairs the Innovation Partnership Forums.

Our sponsors

Our trustees

Ross Young


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Our focus areas


Every child should have the opportunity to learn in a digitally-enabled classroom, taught by a digitally-capable teacher, and should graduate ready to work, live and play in a digitally-enabled society.  We believe that life long learning enables social and economic participation.  We support organisations that prepare children and adults for the future.


An inclusive society allows all New Zealanders and businesses to engage online.  We support Government agencies in creating a digital ecosystem to support positive engagement with all New Zealanders, as well as businesses that work within and with New Zealand.


Research has shown that businesses using digital technology are more productive and profitable, and that digitally capable businesses can add billions to the New Zealand economy.  We support innovation and the integration of new technologies that make New Zealand businesses more productive, profitable and sustainable.

Our projects

A sample of our projects

University of Auckland 23 Teaching Things
2017 Case Study Manaiakalani
Digital Inclusion
Data Driven Innovation in New Zealand
The Value of Internet Services to New Zealand Businesses
Design & Democracy Massey University
Digital Journey
Supporting Manaiakalani Education Trust
A Vision for a Digital New Zealand

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